Meet the Staff

Kim Rodgers – House Manager at Northern Light Assisted Living

Kim has been working with special needs individuals since 1990 in hospitals, nursing homes and state day programs. She moved to Idaho from Colorado in 1997 and started her work with developmentally disabled adults managing a facility for 9 years. In 2007, she started with Back to Basics living as a manger and by 2011 she was managing Northern Light Assisted Living working with the mentally disabled.

Rachael Phillips – Quality Assurance, CPR/FA Instructor, Trainer at Back to Basic Living

Rachael has worked with juveniles as a rehabilitation counselor for those suffering from psychological, family, drug and alcohol issues as well as those incarcerated as a Corrections Officer. She is currently pursuing her degree in Forensic Social Work and came to work for Back to Basic Living in 2016 where she continues to work on her education and further her knowledge of working with the MR, MI, DD population of adults in our community.

Rhonda Hamett – Owner for B2B/CC/NL

With a heart of gold Rhonda inherited the love and passion of helping DD adults from her mother who owned and ran facilities in California, As she grew older she ventured out to try her hand in different settings and was continuously brought back to helping others, she considered this a sign that she was meant to do more in her life and follow in her mother’s footsteps, she opened her first facility Northern Light in 1994 and has been changing the way our community helps and facilitates those with disabilities/mental illness ever since. Rhonda still proudly has and assists one of her original clients, brought from her mother’s facility over 20 years ago.

Lori Wilson – Admin/Financial Assistant for Back to Basics Living/CC/NL

Lori has worked for our 3 companies for 12 ½ years, certified to work in the facilities and loves all of the clients, who have become a part of the family.


Dustin Wilson – Country Cottage Facility Manager and Supervisor

Dustin has worked here for over 13 years and built a very special bond with his clients as they have really touched his heart, he genuinely enjoys helping them from day to day and staying in communication with their parents/guardian’s doctors etc. on their progress and what he can do to help them become more independent people.


Alexis Wilson – Accountant Advisor for Back to Basic Living/CC/NL

Alexis handles all payroll and billing for our 3 companies, she has been in her position for 2 years and is continuing her education in Business Finance. She started working with our clients at Country Cottage Assisted Living in 2008 and continues to be a valuable asset to the business.


Patti Furr – QIDP

Patti is the only Masters level QIDP in the Magic Valley and works closely with our clients developing plans, programs and goals needed to help assist them in learning required skills to become independent adults in our community since 2015, she continues her education towards counseling and brings a passion to her work and a love for our clients that shows in all she does.


Robin York – Program Manager/Medical Supervisor

Robin started running her own Assisted Living company in 1989 where she was Administrator for 18 years. She helped other Administrators throughout the Magic Valley to better their businesses, she came to Back to Basics Living in 2015 where she took over as medical supervisor and has a love for our clients equal to none, she devotes her time and energy to our company and loves her job.


Karen Smith- Administrator for Back to Basics Living

Karen has been Administrator for Back to Basics Living since 2001, previously admin for all 3 companies, has been in this field since the age of 19 and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our company.


Matt Ward-Field Manager for Back to Basics Living

Matt has been with our company for a number of years and has devoted himself to the clients we care for, he continues to go above and beyond the call of duty for them and he considers all our residents family and treats each and every one as such.












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